Services - Overview

Vehicle Wraps

We provide many services based around vehicle graphics.

  • Vehicle Graphic Design
  • Vinyl wrap / wrapping
  • Fleet vehicle graphics
  • Pin Stripes / Racing Stripes
  • Signage & lettering
  • Logos

Our Process:


We can work with whatever sketches or ideas you might already want to work with, or you can bring in any existing company branding materials you want to replicate. We'll come up with a design for your vehicle that gives you the look you're after on the budget you have.

Pre-Prep Cleaning

This includes a ton of detail work to ensure the entire vehicle is clean from tar, sap or other contaminants. This process ensures a clean adhesion and also makes it so that if we remove the vinyl, the paint surface will be spot-free and in good condition.


Our installers will lay out the material over the area to be covered, then begin pressing the vinyl into the surface with the proper tools. Working from the center outwards, all air bubbles and creases are smoothed out. Once the piece has been covered completely, the excess is neatly trimmed away.

Mobile Installs

Sometimes it is just easier to install graphics on location. Whether a vehicle is too large for our shop (such as a semi trailer) or if it makes more sense to install the vinyl in place at your location. For this reason, we have the capability to do mobile installs.

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Why wrap your vehicle?

Having your companies vehicle wrapped in your custom logo and branding is an excellent way to build your business. It's like a moving billboard sign that makes your employees instantly recognizable and displays your contact information. This can become a new source of leads for your business and help to make you stand out from your competitors.

It just makes good sense!

  • One time cost - get value for the whole time you own the vehicle
  • Get thousands of consumer Impressions per day depending on where the vehicle goes.
  • Place your Ads in front of commuters. People with jobs who spend the most money.
  • Keep your staff more accountable to the professional image of your company
  • Unlike a phone book, you get to advertise by yourself - without trying to get attention in a sea of competitors