• Can you do the translucent graphics (perforated vinyl) that go on windows? Yes. Translucent vinyl is an option for those who have lighter colored vehicles who would want the color to still show through the graphic. Window films are just another great way to fill up what might be wasted graphic and advertising space on any vehicle.
  • Do you offer any of the pre-printed vinyl materials like carbon fiber / matte black etc.? We can get any kind of material available, we prefer 3M but can also special order other brands.
  • Is the material cut by machine? Yes, For cut graphics; the design is printed and cut by the same machine for clean and precise lines that line up with the design.
  • What types of vehicles have you done? We have done just about every vehicle such as cars, trucks, vans and even some motorcycles and boats to name a few. Just about any metal or plastic surface can be covered in our vinyl material and it lasts for years with proper care.
  • Do you guys have references? Yes, we can provide many references with our quotations.
  • Is there any kind of release or contract to sign before you start working on my vehicle? Yes, it there is a signed release document that must be signed, which says that Jonez GraphX is not responsible for any typo's and graphical errors after the customer has proof-read and viewed the art.
  • Do you offer removal service for old vinyl? Yes, we do offer removal. Please contact us for an estimate based on your vehicle.
  • Do you offer any kind of warranty? 3M warranties against color fade and adhesion for 3 years and we stand behind that as well.
  • What is the extent of damage to paint (rust etc.) that the vinyl can still cover properly? We can cover most exteriors of vehicles with proper preparations. Meaning if paint is oxidized we would need it to be wet sanded until the paint is smooth enough for adhesion. The films can not cover over peeling paint or rust. Also, the warranty terms may be subject to change without proper initial paint quality.

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